Saturday, October 3, 2015

Point of View Sew Along Part II

Welcome to the second part of my Point of View Sew Along. In this post I’ll be discussing cutting and piecing the patches.  For the full instructions you should download the free pattern at the RJR Fabrics website, here.

From each of the seven prints, I cut 8 large triangles from the 9 3/4" squares (as described in the pattern download). In the same manner I created 8 smaller triangles from the 7 1/8” squares.

Cutting the striped pieces was a bit trickier. Not hard but I had to work slowly and carefully.

Here are the finished pieces for the quilt top, all spread out. I’m ready to start piecing.

First, I chain pieced the white squares.

After I attached and trimmed my white triangle tips, I arranged all the pieces on my design wall.  By doing so, I was able to distribute the fabric patterns to my liking.

I sewed individual patches, and then replaced them into the design on the wall. This way I could keep the quilt top organized and see how it was progressing. 

Tip: Before I started piecing I took a photo of the arrangement so at any time I could refer to the placement of each patch. I printed the photo and marked which way was up. I referred to this “blueprint” constantly.

 There are several ways one might choose to create the decorative stitches.

Once the units were formed, I embroidered them by running two strands of thread through my machine needle so that the stitches really stand out.    

Some quilters can't or don't like to turn the quilt during the quilting process, but you could add this embellishment later on as quilted stitches.  Another alternative would be to use hand quilted stitches in a pretty color.

For me, the best part of piecing is when I sew the last pieces together. I know... finally, right?

Here is the finished top! All ready to be basted, quilted and bound. More on that in my next post along with a give-away announcement!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Point Of View Sew-Along

Please join me in a Sew-Along. I’ll be making Point of View, a quilt which I designed featuring my latest fabric collection, The Sultan’s Garden. The finished size is a manageable 48” x 48” which will be perfect as a throw or wall hanging. You can find the instructions for the quilt as a free download on the RJR Fabrics website, here. The collection is available in two color stories, berry and apricot. I’ll be working in berry. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting my progress. 

I have started by gathering the materials. Here are my fabrics, laid out and ready to go. In the next post, I’ll review cutting and piecing.    

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Frida Kahlo, Art - Garden - Life

The exhibition, Frida Kahlo, Art - Garden - Life is underway at the New York Botanical Garden. Of course, I like to visit the Garden whenever I can and this was a great excuse. 
Located in Mexico City, Casa Azul was the home and studio where Frida Kahlo and her husband, muralist Diego Rivera lived and worked. The show’s curators and horticulturalists transformed a section of the Haupt Conservatory to a resemblance of Casa Azul. Frida’s long time home served as a connection to the beauty of the landscape as well as a source of inspiration.

 This is a re-creation of how a portion of her studio may have appeared.

The Mertz Library has a number of her drawings and paintings on display. Photography was prohibited, sorry…

As you would expect the gift shop had a beautiful homage to Frida, overflowing with fun items for sale.

The event runs through November 1st but if you are not in the area, you may want to see the slide show at the New York Botanical Garden’s website.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Sultan's Pillow

One thing the Sultans had were plenty of pillows! 

I love working with The Sultan's Garden fabrics. This is a quilted pillow cover I just finished using the apricot color range.   
It would have been practical to simply use a wedge shaped ruler but I used Marti Michell’s Tumbler Template. This template is nice because it gives one the option to easily create eight different size tumblers. My finished shapes are 4” high, and did not take long to create.
I decided to keep the quilting simple by echoing the seams...

...and bind the cover as if it were a quilt.
If you would like to see my work in progress, you can now follow me on Instagram:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cute Coin Purses

These coin purses are fun and relatively easy to make, provided you take a deep breath while attaching the handle…

The frames are from NYC's Purl Soho but I’m sure you can find them at craft stores. The purses will be unique gifts for special occasions.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time to Start Cutting

It's an exciting day for me! I’ve just received the first samples of my latest line from RJR Fabrics. Looking at them reminds me of my trip to Istanbul and the magical time spent there. It’s time to start cutting…

The Sultan’s Garden, available in August    

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Sultan's Garden - Sneak Peek

Here's a preview of my new collection, The Sultan’s Garden. The line, inspired by a trip to Istanbul, will be available through RJR Fabrics later this summer. It will be offered in two color palettes, Apricot and Berry. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates with the fabrics!